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See you in the spring !

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At Sorano's Greenhouses LLC, (Lena Farms) we offer healthy, quality plants grown from seed or rooted cuttings for you at reasonable prices. We support and promote local businesses, for other items we offer such as hay bales, corn stalks and fresh produce.

We use bio-control for pests and plant diseases. Because of our backgrounds, Steve grew up and worked at his family's African violet and gesneriad greenhouse operation and Judy grew up and worked on her family's dairy farm, limited pesticide use has always been a way of life. We are as concerned about health and environment as you are.

One of the nice things about being a small business is that you can quickly change and tweak, which we are doing. Some varieties of tomatoes and peppers have been eliminated due to being unpopular making room for new types of vegetables. Due to our limited space for plants if you see it, you'd better get it while you can. Thank you for understanding!

Our seeding and planting schedule is aimed for you to have plants that are the perfect size to plant in your garden and a manageable size for you to transport. Like we informed you last year, we have once again added some varieties and discontinued some less popular ones.

We are looking forward to seeing you this growing season!!

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